Madison High
Cherry O'Keefe

Cherry O'Keefe is a future-chic fashionista who found stardom among her peers by starting an extremely popular high school gossip blog. Initially shy, she has morphed into a self-entitled celebrity who will do anything to get what she wants. She butts heads with Harvey Flynn and has a crush on the Madison High School bad boy, Devin Daniels.

About Madison High

'Madison High' is an upcoming television series to air on Disney Channel. It will feature the performing arts program at Madison High School. Stocked with original characters and plenty of familiar faces, it's sure to be a lot of fun. Original songs will set the tone of the series to be almost like a mixture of Fox's hit show 'Glee' and the blockbuster movie series 'High School Musical.' The single-camera comedy set at Madison High School is about, a school aiming to build up a revolutionary theater program by having the students produce an original theater piece based on their lives. This show incorporates a "song-and-dance" storytelling format akin to Disney's successful High School Musical franchise. Songs for the show are reportedly being commissioned for the show by both the production studio and from Disney's music label, Hollywood Records. According to director Paul Hoen formerly of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, Luke Benward's & Leah Lewis' characters will be a parody of the romance of High School Musical characters Troy Bolton & Gabriela Montez.

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This wiki will bring you all the latest on the new Disney Channel Original Series, Madison High! Soon, when we get more information for this show, we will update this wiki more and give you all the latest Madison High updates! Soon, this wiki will be filled with everything Madison High!

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